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Why can I hear this beep at 6 kHz and others cannot?

During a studio recording, I heard a beep and paused the recording. I played it back and neither the actress, sound technician, or assistant director could hear it. I imagined that it could be the ...
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Mic closest as human ear (not just few inches away)

I am currently working in a project that require microphone which hear as sensitive as human ear do. I.e barking sound of neighbor's dog, boiling water sound in kitchen, etc Is there any? I am fairly ...
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How to remove anything but speech from 8 hours long file in audacity?

File: 8 hours long. Task: Let's say I recorded my training shift at work. I want to remove anything but human speech from 8-hour long file, in order to create checklists/flow diagrams based on what ...
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Boost volume and improve quality of soft speech from audio track (Dropcam)?

I have some clips from a Dropcam, and I'm trying to improve the audio to make some soft human speech discernible. The speech is quite soft and fuzzy sounding, as the speakers are away from the camera ...
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Panasonic WM-61a or other DIY solution for recording human voice?

Nature recordists seem to love the Panasonic WM-61a capsules. But do these have any serious flaws for close recording of human voice? Would anybody of you strongly recommend against these in that ...
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Eye gouging noise

The sound of someone bursting someone's eyes out (like in game of thrones (spoilers)). Need something I can perform on stage. We tried the voice already, it didn't take so we need something easy and ...
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Recording a stethoscope

Anyone know a good, inexpensive way to record the sounds off of a stethoscope? I'd like to get some recordings of the inside of the body.
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i need a singer simulator or virtual singer?

i am going to generate artificial human voices like a singer do you know a tool with such ability ? like this
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seeking biological sound library

Hi All, Does anyone know of a good biological\ anatomical sound library? Looking for internal human body sounds: perhaps recorded with a stethoscope The closest thing I found was the sonivox ...
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Recording Heartbeats

What microphone would be appropriate to record heartbeats? I want to record people off the street so it has to be easy for the person to hold in place themselves for a couple of minutes whilst ...
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Useful Human Vocalizations

I've got a bitch of a cold right now, but my voice has this awesome bassy, gravelly quality to it. So I figured I should take advantage of this vocal state and get some potentially useful wild lines, ...
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