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Using recorded HRTF to create binaural sound (from mono) makes sound "feel" close by

I have been using a measured HRFT (measured on Brüel & Kjær HATS (Head-and-Torso-Simulator)) to create binaural sound from mono recordings. As the HRTF's were recorded with the sound source ...
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2 answers

What kind of microphone can I use measure Head Related Transfer Functions?

It's not for anything super-professional, I've just been learning a little more about this stuff and I wanted to measure my own. In terms of placing microphones in my own ears, I've been assuming ...
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4 answers

How can I make a sound appear to come from a direction?

I have a mono sound and I want to make it sound like the sound comes from a specific direction. The end-goal is to create a prototype of a game where people should be able to find the source of the ...
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feeling of Height of sound source

Im working on my own project where im trying to tell a story/explain a scene with only sound and no voices or visuals. The sound, ambiences and cutscenes (using change in environment) should be able ...
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