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4 votes
7 answers

Recording BIG Sounds

Hi, I'm trying to record big impact sounds for a fight sequence - punches, body falls, slaps etc. but what I get when I listen to my recordings is nothing like what I heard when recording - either it'...
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4 answers

Boxing Fight Sound Design

Hey guys, Exciting sound designing times are coming! So please be patient with me. I'm sound designing a short which at the end, there's a boxing fight in a ring. It's not a proper Las Vegas fight. ...
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3 votes
11 answers

Hollywood Style "Booms and swooshes" for layering?

Hi guys, Im just wondering if any of you have any techniques used to create Hollywood style booms and sweeps. Like the bass-heavy booms between cuts in trailers, and swooshes- in things like screen-...
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3 votes
3 answers

Source Material for Hits, Impacts, or Whooshes...

I've been working on creating hits similar to the type you see in movie trailers and tv spots and am having a creative block on what I should record next. This has been discussed in various questions ...
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