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Hearing protection during editing/mixing sessions

Ciao How do you protect our most valuable property: our ears? Especially, what's your behavior during editing/mixing sessions? I'll try to take a brake every our or so, even only for a few minutes, ...
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How do you maintain good ear health?

There was a question here a little bit ago asking about ear protection during mixing. A broader question for us all that use our ears for a living is: What do you do to maintain ear health? Do you ...
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Hearing loss above 11 Khz

Hi to all sound designers, first time I post on Social Sound Design but I've always found all of your comments here extremely valuable and I very much respect your judgment on all things audio. I've ...
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Frequency of the Ringing Ear

I think the phenomenon is called "tinnitus", when your ear is ringing because of an exceptionally loud sound, or imbedded ear damage. Where can I get that sound? Is it different for each person? I've ...
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Headphones - Is constantly wearing them bad? (not music)

Does anyone know if wearing over-ear headphones (eg: MDR-7509's) for many hours a day can induce hearing loss over time? Not playing music, just editing voice files. Playback volume not excessive ...
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Why do relatively small but high-frequency pressure changes cause hearing loss, but large but slow pressure changes don't?

Air at sea level has a pressure of ~101kPa, while at 1000m elevation it's ~89kPa, so there's a difference of ~12kPa between these two elevations. A sound level of 140 dB is so high, that it can cause ...
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Is it possible to simulate stereo audio in one channel?

Becoming (recently) deaf in one ear, I really miss listening to stereo music properly. So my question is, is it is possible to listen to 2 channel (stereo) music, with an effect reasonably similar ...
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How to preserve your hearing?

In your normal work routine as a sound engineer is there anything to look out for? I began to fear about my hearing ability. I don't even know that right now am I hearing the same thing as others? (...
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Sound pressure level of speakers and hearing damage

I noticed that is common to buy home speakers that are advertised as 135 - 136 db. For example The box Pro. But here it says that sound pressure above 90 db can lead to hearing damage if you are ...
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Audio function for hearing impairment

I have a hearing impairment. I can't hear stuff around above 2 kHz. Is there a way to convert an input sound source (file for instance, but also a microphone) and convert it to my hearing range? I.e., ...
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