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A filter to remove dynamic F0 and lower harmonics

I'm studying the perception of vowel formants and need to create stimuli where the signal below the first formant is removed. I have some naturalistic vowels (also a requirement for this study) which ...
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How to consistently increase or decrease the volume of a chosen harmonic frequency

For the following instrument, I need to change the volume of one harmonic, where its frequency is not static. Please see the image for example. If I wanted to give Number 3 a +6dB boost, I could not ...
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Do digital oscilloscopes display timbre or fundamental waves?

My understanding is that a distinct sound will generate waves of identical amplitude and frequency, but that most things (such as people's voices, music intsruments, etc) produce multiple distinct &...
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Creating a Series of Repeating Pulses for Medical Alarms

I need to implement an audio alarm mp3/wav clip that contains a series of repeating pulses, where each pulse has to have a fundamental frequency somewhere between 150 to 1000 Hz, and there must be at ...
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What gives a square wave harmonics, and not a sine wave?

A square wave has an intense amount of harmonics, producing a bright sound. But a sine wave has none, and is a dull sound. Why does the square wave create harmonics and not a sine wave?
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Is there a / what is the mathematic explanation of the warm analog sound?

I'm not talking about anything EQ related. Anyone who has played around with high end analog equipment understands that it transforms the sound in ways that aren't possible with simple EQ. I was ...
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How do sound waves work that make certain intervals sound good?

I'm learning waves in my physics class and I was wondering, how do sound waves work that make certain intervals sound good. Why does a M3/P4/P5 sound really good while m2/M2 sound (kind of) bad?
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Power Conditioner: Is it worth investing a little more?

Since my studio gear has gotten some additions (new synth etc.) I'm running into power issues. First of all I get a hint of 6,5kHz (+harmonics) on the instrument input of my RME Fireface UC. Second I'...
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Scales vs. Harmonic Notes

If an ambient sound is to be generated with specific frequencies, would it, in general, sound better if those frequencies are notes selected from a specific scale, or frequencies that are all harmonic ...
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Recipe for producing a sub bass that is both loud and rattles shelves?

The best sound I can come up with is not a sine wave, but a triangle wave. The triangle wave creates a very nice upper and lower shelf frequency that you can both hear and feel. The bad thing with ...
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Frequency modulation in frequency domain

How would I calculate the amplitudes, phases, and frequencies of the harmonic peaks resulting from frequency modulating (and/or phase modulating) a waveform stored in frequency domain representation? ...
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Upsampling Sounds Prior to Processing

Let's say you've got a batch of raw sounds you're working on for your library, making versions of them that are more 'production ready.' Let's say that these sounds are 44.1 KHz / 16 bit. I find ...
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Harmonics and InfraSound

Hey everyone, So this is my first time asking a question. So here is the setup. I'm currently in pre-production of a film in which I am doing both production and post audio. It is a thesis film ...
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