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2 answers

Where's my recording on a Zoom H1

I'm a novice recorder and was using my Zoom H1 for the first time yesterday. I can't find the first meeting I recorded with it (omg) but I can find another longer meeting. I had pushed the record ...
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2 votes
5 answers

Zoom H1 unmatched mics?

Hi, I got a H1 a week ago and have tested it a little since then. I'm really happy with the noisefloor and the sound of the mics. But as I have an zoom h4 (the old one) and have had problems with ...
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4 votes
10 answers

How's the Zoom H1 working out for you?

I've recently been considering getting a small portable recorder and had my heart set on the Zoom H4N because of all the wonderful things that I've heard about it. But the recently released H1 seems ...
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