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Designing a home-made shooting room [closed]

I am planning to build a "shooting room". I explain myself: I want to reuse a half of an old animal shelter to build a small room (3.5 square meters, 1.7-1.8m height) to store all the ...
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How to avoid killing headroom when mixing action scenes?

I was watching the Bluray of 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi that day, and I am wondering how to avoid killing headroom when mixing action scenes like those in the movie. There were gunshots,...
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Advice on gunshot sfx arrangement

Please forgive me if this question seems a little bit weird. I'm mixing a feature which has a tunnel scene where police and bad guys are shooting each other. The director added many CGI gun fire on ...
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How to improve the SFX sound during mixing?

I want to improve the SFX sound during mixing but I can't find much information about this on net. So I extracted two samples from movies. The first one is a fight scene from a Japanese Animation. All ...
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Finding Sound Recordists interested in collecting unique gunshots

Are there sound archivists who would be interested in setting up field recordings of unique gunshots? If so how might I go about finding them in my vicinity? I don't have serious recording equipment,...
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Origin of the traditional Hollywood silencer sound?

Does anyone have information on the origin of the traditional Hollywood suppressed gunshot that sounds roughly like a punchy whistle, or "pteew!"? Nobody who shoots modern suppressors has ever heard ...
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How can I simulate the microphone response of a bullet's reflected shockwave?

I am doing a project on gunshot acoustics and I need to simulate a realistic microphone response of a supersonic bullet for the same. I have to include the shockwave, the muzzle blast and their ...
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Futz Gunshot Question

I am currently editing SFX for a trailer. There is a scene in the trailer where the lead character opens fire, but we see this through a video camera that he is using to record what he sees. The ...
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Design for a handgun fired on a high altitude passenger jet

I'm working on a film that takes place on a passenger jet that is modified to fly at high altitudes. black ops kind of thing. in the script, the pilot fights off a cockpit invasion by firing off a ...
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How to create gun's whir sound?

Hi! I try to create the whir of a gun sound, like ricochet. The thing we can hear in movies when the bullet pass just near the camera. Is someone have an idea about how to create this particular ...
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Live "gunshot" sound- cant use blanks- ideas?

I'm doing the sound design for an adaptation of a Sherlock Homes novella this summer. The venue is outdoors, a raised stage in a field. The play has a number of gunshots, and Production has some ...
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2 answers

Edit Session Layout Tips for a Shootout

Hi All, First time cutting gunshots for linear sound design and I'm running into some issues. Designing the single gunshots has been fine so far, but I've just hit about 15sec in a row of quick cuts ...
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Recording Guns Indoors

I have the pleasure of being able to record a gun (powder charge only) being fired inside of a large concrete room. I have read a lot about shooting outdoors from Chuck Russom, but I'm wondering if ...
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How do you create the deadliest sounding gunshots?

I have been experimenting with different layers to create a perfect gunshot but they all fail and sound like toy guns. What do I have to layer in order to create a deadly sounding gunshot?
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Tips on Recording Gunshots

I'm headed down to Pennsylvania to help on a shoot this weekend, and I'm really excited because I'll be recording gunfire courtesy of a local Civil War reenactment group. I've never tried recording ...
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