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Can I use my mixer to output guitar to multiple guitar amplifiers?

I want to channel my guitar chain through my mixer so that I can feed multiple guitar amps. I don't want to blow anything up (except the neighborhood) so here's my proposed setup. edit I've had the 4-...
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Guitar amp modeler monitoring problems with high stage volume

I have a Kemper Stage guitar amp modeler with a Line 6 Powercab FRFR monitor that I use only in flat mode for practice at home and as a monitor at church. When at church, the Powercab is on the floor ...
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How to improve guitar sound quality and production?

So I've got a Westone Thunder connected to my Focusrite audio interface running on Logic Pro X. I'm brand new to guitar production so I'm looking for some tips on how to mix high-quality guitar sounds....
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What audio usb interface do I need to play guitar pro with guitar rig?

i'd like to play with Guitar Rig sounds while running Guitar Pro to exercise. At the moment i'm using Rocksmith Cable with Asio4All to connect the guitar for Guitar Rig, but Asio4All is exclusive and ...
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Synthesizing distorted guitar from MIDI

So I've been experimenting with generating music by computer program, and got a thing working with Python and fluidsynth, with a nice-sounding piano soundfont. I want to switch to distorted electric ...
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What is the key parameter for a sound card, if I want to record at home using Guitar rig?

What is the key parameter for a sound card, if I want to record at home using Guitar rig? I've heard of 'low latency' and 'no latency', but I can't find this parameter in sound card descriptions. What ...
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