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Dialnorm in a stereo mix?

Can Dialnorm metadata be present in a stereo mix? I have a stereo mix film that when processed through OP59 loudness algorithms somehow produces a ramp in overall levels during voice only scenes with ...
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When should a noise gate be applied?

I produce a weekly podcast and I'm slowly trying to improve my mixing and editing skills to make it sound as good as possible. The podcast is recorded with me and my co-host in the same room, which ...
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Does using a gate(expander) increase the dynamic range of an audio track and does this actually help improve the mix of the track?

I read somewhere that using an expander such as a gate increases the dynamic range of an audio signal. Does increasing the dynamic range of a song actually help the mix of the track at all while ...
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Side chaining noise gate

I'm trying to understand side chains and I think I have figured out a useful situation where to use it, ideally I'd like some one to confirm if this an appropriate use or at least, I've understood the ...
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Should I use a standalone compressor/gate or do it in post?

I'm recording screencasts and also dabbling in podcasting. I do video editing in Final Cut Pro X. My question is this: Is it better to use a standalone insert compressor/limiter/gate or have FCPX do ...
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Solo a track with a gate sidechained to a grouped track?

Assuming I have two tracks, Track A and Track B, where Track A is a group of tracks, how do I solo Track B if it has a Gate effect with a sidechain that targets Track A? An example of this situation ...
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