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Is there a PBR-like material system for audio?

Context: I am coming at this from a game dev / game engine background, and I am trying to build an extremely general-purpose system for defining how objects sound. With visual/rendering materials in ...
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How would you go about designing the sound of a jetpack?

What kind of layers would you use across the frequency spectrum? Do you have any sources where this is talked about? Thanks in advanced!
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Why does everyone use the same dolphin sound effect?

From Zoo Tycoon (Microsoft) to Plants Vs Zombies (Pop Cap) to Inside Out (Disney), when there's a dolphin involved, it always comes with this sound effect: What would ...
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Future Unformed chopped up audio effect?

I always wondered how they make the Syder Arcade chopped up sound effect in the beginning of "The Future Unformed"? I have Audition... but I'd also appreciate learning what they are doing to the ...
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Game Design favourite Plug-ins?

I am searching for good plug-ins for mobile/tablet design. I have some Sound Toys plug-ins that i really like. I need some plug-ins that really alter the sound. What do you guys use? Thanks.
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Medieval skirmish loops

So a little introduction to a part of what I'm working on. I'm working on creating SFX for a real-time-strategy game with a medieval setting. Okay, one of the main needs of SFX for the game is a ...
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Looping Gun Sounds Quantization

Just wanted to pick some brains here regarding the best way to approach looping gun sounds. It will be my first time working with loops for game audio as opposed to either granular or polyphonic ...
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Dead Space 2 Communicator Filter FX

Dead Space 2 has awesome sound design. One of the sounds I consider to be really well done is the communicator that Issac has holographic-ally at his disposal. Example:
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Fmod Music Options

Sup people Fmod has a music system - parameter based "cue < theme < file" type graphical layout. Almost Unreal Editor / fancy MaxMSP style setup thats geared strictly for interactive music. ...
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