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radio mics, what is in the future

what is the future of radio mics, is it worth spending thousands of euros (or dollars) now for devices that soon may become antiquate? are we expecting some total change or improvement in wireless ...
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Films that push the boundaries of Sound Design?

For example in 'Irreversible', the first 30 minutes there is a underlying sound frequency of 27hz - this makes you feel physically sick and disorientates you. Do you guys know of any films that use ...
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Endangered Sounds: Which sounds will be gone in a few years?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could get me some hints on this topic: Which sounds will be gone in a few years and which sounds are already gone from our planet? (Erveryday life, not films) ...
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What is the future of recording technologies?

Great strides have been made in the field of sound recording over the last couple of decades. We've seen (in no particular order): Digital recording (both tape and disk based) Multichannel recording ...
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Your thoughts on the next kind of media storage

We all see the downward trend in compact disc usage. Major recording labels refused from CD manufacturing and the global production gently falls. But what we have now is the valueless, weightless ...
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What are the implications of this new software?

I kind of just needed an excuse to post this fabulous article from the BBC. It is basically a software that does what the leighman has always asked of ...
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How will portable recorders improve in the future?

Apart from the obvious stuff like preamp/converter quality & size/weight, what useful new features should be invented in the next few years? I would like; Custom rules to stop & start ...
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What are some notable games for sound design that push the limits?

Which games are pushing the limits of sound psychology right now? When will audio catch up with the 3d trend and what will that be?
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The future in sound design and plug-in technologies

What does the future hold for sound design and plug-in technologies? I see 3d audio plugins being released and becoming usable and affordable. What else does everyone see, if you still have your ...
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What does the future hold for video game sound design?

I was reading this thread about sound design in the film/TV industry and I thought I'd apply the same question to video games. Do you guys suffer from a lack of time, budget, or respect? Thanks.
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What does the future hold?

Not exactly a sound design question but pretty relevant all the same, so here goes...Yesterday I was at a wedding here in France and quite a few of the guests were working in the sound department for ...
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