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Best recordings of 2013

Its that time again. Let's post our favorite recordings from 2013. My first contribution is of my newborn baby boy - Caruso. He's pretty awesome.
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Idea on how to randomly choose sounds from specified files

Hey there, My mother really likes to build those miniature cities that many build at this time of the year, with "tiny persons" and houses, mini cars etc.. so I thought it would be nice to give a ...
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Recording F1 flybys @ silverstone next week...any tips?? [update - recordings enclosed]

edit [recordings are at the bottom!!!!] Hey guys, Excited to say I'll be heading up to silverstone - with no special permission...just a crowd member with lots of time to spare over the weekend. I ...
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What is your preferred distortion plug-in?

What is your most used distortion plug-in? With which other methods do you add distortion? What are some of the best results you have achieved when applying distortion?
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Timecode irregularity post

So the editor of this period drama says to me last week, the sync is out, and also commented that the 2nd unit recordist was as much as 5 frames out of sync.... now first of all let's says there's a 2 ...
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