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7 band EQ frequencies for full-track playback?

I used to have a Mackie analog mixer, but I've switched over to using a midi controller (Launch Control XL), and I'm not limited by the 5 bands that existed on the Mackie (low cut, 80, 250, 800, 2500, ...
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Vocal recording difficulties with certain frequencies

I've been trying to record some vocals for a song on my laptop. It's the first time I've ever recorded vocals with my own laptop, and I've run into some problems. I used two different mics to test my ...
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What amplitude ratio to achieve "sound pressure level" ratio?

I would like to create a sound with three sine waves. The first sine wave is the fundamental frequency (f0), the second wave is a harmonic (f2), the third is also a harmonic (f4) of the base frequency....
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Sync audio -Harmonics of sync (not frequency)

I'm clocking in some freebie hours, re-aligning audio for a project that was butchered with plural eyes program and I'm seeing patterns of sync that remind of of the harmonics after a Fundamental ...
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How do I fix the frequency of my audio?

I am editing some audio files of an existing game. The current frequency rate Im using is 6500hz and the music sounds pretty bad. P. D If I use 44100hz there will be a lot of noise. I am using ...
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