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Conditional math (intersection) to join two audio tracks

I do not want the difference. I want the intersection of frequencies. The problem: I have two audio files. One of the files (A) contains the vocals and drums. The other file (B) contains the vocals ...
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3 answers

Need help recording ultrasonic frequencies with microphone

I am working on a project; detecting the sounds made by pests in stored grain while eating. I know that the ultrasonic disturbances occur when the pests tear the materials during feeding. I need a ...
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8 votes
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What are your favorite spectral tools?

What are your favorite software tools for spectral analysis/manipulation? And what do you use them for?
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Why can I hear this beep at 6 kHz and others cannot?

During a studio recording, I heard a beep and paused the recording. I played it back and neither the actress, sound technician, or assistant director could hear it. I imagined that it could be the ...
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