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Missing data in frequency domain

Has anybody seen this type of behavior when looking at an audio spectrogram? There are missing chunks of frequency information (black parts = no data). I understand that compression will remove ...
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How do I make my songs sound more clear?

Whenever I export a song and play it on normal speakers (phone, laptop, etc.), the high end is sort of there, but the full body of the song is lacking in a huge chunk of the high end, and as a result ...
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Audio function for hearing impairment

I have a hearing impairment. I can't hear stuff around above 2 kHz. Is there a way to convert an input sound source (file for instance, but also a microphone) and convert it to my hearing range? I.e., ...
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Are these frequencies permitted in Colombia?

I am from Norway and going to Colombia to shoot a short documentary. I am a videographer, not an experienced sound person, therefore I need a bit of help. I have some Sennheiser receiver/transmitter ...
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MP3 and bitrate

So from what I know bitrate is the product of samplerate * bitdepth. But I cant understand this: here for example we try to create an MP3 file selecting bitrate to 320 and sample rate to 44.1khz ...
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Need help with frequencies in the UK

I'm recording in London next week. All my wireless systems run from 500.00-560.000. Will I have any problems in that area of the UK with these frequencies?
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Processing audio

Hey there guys! I started my first lecture on processing sound today, we were asked to do some further research. I really want to get a diverse understanding from experienced sonic designers. Could ...
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Recording ultrasonic frequencies

I'm looking into putting together a rig that can really capture ultrasonic frequencies for the purposes of varispeeding down during sound design, and I'd like a little input from those of you who have ...
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