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Regular collaboration with a post studio: how much should I charge and how? UK rates

I will be soon starting to collaborate on a regular basis with a post studio based in another country. The job is clear: I will be mostly working on Foley, Dialogue and Backgrounds on 10 episodes for ...
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Finding work abroad

Hi guys Does anyone know of any good websites or community pages for finding freelance work or making contacts in Spain? I'll be moving there from the UK September to May. I know of sites like ...
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Sound Library Usage for Freelancers

Hi everyone, I've seen other posts on sound library usage, but my question is more geared towards freelancers. If you're working as a freelance sound designer and get hired by a production company on ...
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Working freelance

So i've been trying for nearly a year to gain any kind of internship, work experience, runner position, within the audio post area and have had no success. I'm thinking of trying to go freelance but ...
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Another Term for Freelance

So, I just came across this line in a Craig's List post: "This is a non paying job, I am not getting paid either. Strictly freelance." Clearly this person seems to think that freelance = free. ...
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Keeping track of hours.

For all you freelancers out there... What system do you guys use to keep track of how long a project takes you? I'm currently a 9-5er, but would much prefer to go freelance. To whit, I've got my ...
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(UK) Sidestepping into film sound... a possibility?

I've been working in audiobooks for a little over ten years and, to be frank, I've had my fill. There's also the matter of cash flow. The family pot seems to have a hole in it and my career is going ...
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