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Strip silence from voice recording

I want to remove or speed up small sections of silence in an audio recording, corresponding to the breaks between sentences and paragraphs. I have some audio files for a book that I need to listen to ...
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Field recording databases seems to be the largest and most reliable source of unprocessed field recordings (with a good share of pitch-shifted monster sounds too). I struggle to find alternatives of comparable ...
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2 answers

Free art versus commercial art

What's your stand on the question of the commerciality of art? Does commercial art fulfill the idea (or the ideal) of art or is it merely a business meant to rake in money on consumers that appear to ...
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Free VSTs for manipulating sound?

Hello Everyone, I'm a novice sound designer with a bare bones setup. I have only been building it for a couple of weeks and on a strict budget. So far everything I have is 100% legit and paid for ...
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Things a producer/production manager says...

" I still have no budget for this show, everyone is volunteer and I am paying out of pocket for studio time and food...I just need someone to even everything out and make it sound good." "We are ...
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Where to Find Free Music with Creative Commons License

Is there any website that provides lots of music files with Creative Commons license? I have a personal blog and use photos with CC license from Flickr. I also want to produce small video ...
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5 votes
11 answers

Free VST Effects and Instruments

Hey guys, I'm Indian and I'm pretty cheap so I've never paid for plugins or VST instruments (yet) and I'm always on the look out for something free, so I thought I'd list some of the stuff that I've ...
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16 votes
13 answers

How do you respond to requests to work for free?

We all get them; projects that have been shot with no budget or self funded, which have been cut on a friends Final Cut system in a spare room & suddenly they want to finish the film & need ...
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