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"frame" terminology as used in Veed

Question is specific to how uses the word "Frame". In its upload link after uploading there is a settings button at the lower bottom left where you can adjust Frames Per Second. ...
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Music in .ogv movie played in a game engine (RPG Maker XV Ace) has distorted audio

I've used Blender Video Editor to create a movie made up of still images accompanied with sound. The movie has to be played in RPG Maker XV Ace and has to be an OGG/THEORA file (.ogv). The movie is ...
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How should I use Audition to convert audio for retimed 24fps to 25fps for broadcast?

I have to convert the audio tracks of my 24 fps movie to match up with retimed 25fps so that it can be exported alongside the 25fps video (just playback speed change) for broadcast transmission. I ...
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How to get number of Frames(or Samples) per sec or ms in a audio (.wav or .mp3) file?

some of the terms are but technical but please bare with me I've been observing an audio file under an Python language module the audio has a framerate/samplerate of 44100 per sec or hz and total ...
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What's audio equivalent of FPS in video, and what's the current limit of capturing the maximum?

In video you have "frames per second" which defines the number of individual pictures that are taken in a second and when strung together they make up 1 second of video footage. The upper limit of ...
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25 fps to 15 fps? What?!

Weird stuff... so the video editor, working with FCP on Mac exported a .mp4 @ 25 fps (true -- I even saw the stream info) and sent it to me. Even before I opened the file (PC) I went to its properties ...
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Digital Movies and Frame Rates

Hello, I have a question concerning frame rates for digital movie files. I am working on a sound design for a New York based project, ( me being UK ). I know PAL and NTSC have different frame rates, ...
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Video Files, Frame Rates and Codecs Oh My

Dear Guys, I apologize ahead of time if this is a totally beginner question, however I had some trouble in my last ADR session that I would like to solve and completely handle. I receive sometimes ...
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