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1 answer

How can I sync audio and video from a different source?

I'm trying to sync my sound coming out from my Allen & Heath - Qu24 to the video on my camera...can someone help? Also I'm not too familiar with fps and sample rate.
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3 answers

What's audio equivalent of FPS in video, and what's the current limit of capturing the maximum?

In video you have "frames per second" which defines the number of individual pictures that are taken in a second and when strung together they make up 1 second of video footage. The upper limit of ...
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4 answers

Audio SYNC question regarding a FPS conversion from 24 FPS to 25 FPS

Hey, A question for the more experienced postpro experts here... A film i worked on had to change its FPS from 24 FPS to 25 FPS and therefore now has a different duration. Unfortunately i produced ...
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Best Plane Crash scene in terms of Sound Design?

I'm trying to create a first person soundscape and one part is a plane crashing in the water whilst on board. I'd like to get your opinions on which plane crash scenes in TV, Film or Games are the ...
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25 fps to 15 fps? What?!

Weird stuff... so the video editor, working with FCP on Mac exported a .mp4 @ 25 fps (true -- I even saw the stream info) and sent it to me. Even before I opened the file (PC) I went to its properties ...
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