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Why do MP3 files have a sample rate? (When they are just composed of sine waves)

I apologise if the title wasn't clear, but essentially, I am a little bit confused about MP3 files. I was under the assumption (in MP3s) that a Fourier transform is used to split up the sound wave ...
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Does human hearing beat Fourier's uncertainty principle?

I was reading an article on human hearing tests to question Fourier's uncertainty principle. The article states that according to these tests, physicists have found that humans can discriminate the ...
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how to separate an audio file based on different speakers

I have a conversation recorded of 2 different people, the conversation contains a gap before every sentence or person to make it easier for the algorithm recorgnise the voice. I want to try to split ...
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Audio spectrum analysis: PC Software vs Hardware Spectrum Analyzer

I need to do some audio spectrum analysis (basically, listening to a machine and tell if it is properly calibrated). I will record the sound it makes with a microphone (it sounds differently if it is ...
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How can I avoid the pop at the end of a file containing a pure frequency?

For a personal project, I need to generate a track that contains a single, pure frequency. My method for this involves generating a single tone using Audacity, and exporting the file. The wave ...
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How can resynthesis engines be so accurate despite the time/frequency resolution trade-offs inherent in Fourier analysis?

I'm looking at Harmor specifically, but my question is about resynthesis in general. I assume that Fourier analysis is how these engines break a sound down into its constituent partials with frequency,...
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