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Audio forensics is about the analysis of audio for evidence, often in terms of Law.

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A "newspaper in the photo" but for audio? Audible hash/signature/password/watermark for timestamp? What (live?) audio channel validates Proof of Time?

TL;Dr: Is recording by livestreaming your own audio 24/7 the securest method as an individual, to get a "newspaper in the photo" audio proof? (Withstanding latency...) Is there any better ...
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Forensic-proof voice changer

What is the easiest way to change a voice recording such that the identity of the speaker can't be determined. The transformation has to be non-invertible. For instance, "pitch changing" won't work ...
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Using hum to find edit points - will it work with high quality recordings?

Interesting article on using 'hum' to find edit points in audio recordings. Not sure if this is useful evidence in all contexts but a great way to see how sound has an 'subliminal' presence and effect ...
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