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New MacOS dropping Qlab audio

Ok so here's the deal, We're running a show on a new mac-OS Mojave version: 10.14.2 (3 GHz, Intel i5 Processor, 8 GB memory) and Using Qlab version: 4.4.4 We have the computer hooked up to our light ...
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Advice on Building a Portable foley stage/pit

I'm starting prep on building a portable, decent sounding, foley stage/pit. I'm not yet based in a space,just a home studio, so the design needs to be something that can be folded away and/or renting ...
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Water Foley - How does it work?

We few of us are planning to build a foley pit, but are quite concerned as to how to do water foleys. Till now we have been using plastic buckets and metal tubs filled with water. There are two ...
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Someone being pulled from a shallow pit

Here's the scene, a man steps down and the ground gives way. He falls into a pit about waist height. Two friends help pull the man out, so I was going to do some dragging dirt footsteps sounds but I ...
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DIY Foley Stage / Pits

Hello SSD World, I'm currently in the process of putting together a plan to build my own foley stage w/ corresponding pits to live under the surfaces. I'm wondering if anyone has any plans lying ...
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