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editing foleys - taking care of perspective and distance

apart from the whole sync aspect of foley editing i am just curious about: how to treat individual foley clips in terms of distance and perspective (for the mixing) over time. is it a good method to ...
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Production Sound + Foley

I'm working on a movie, whats played in a forest. All the steps on the leafs are really pregnant in the production sound and of course in the dialog to. We record foleys for the movie, but i don't ...
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CLOTHES - how to mix Foley

Hi, my name's Martin and I'm student of Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. Right now, it's the first time I'm provided with the real Foley tracks. It's fun and everything ...
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The Art of Foley library

I may be cutting some foley (unfortunately no budget for a walker) for a few low budget horror films, so I'm thinking of purchasing The Art of Foley collection from Sound Ideas. It's on sale for ...
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Reference Volume for Editing

What is a good volume reference for the foley and FX editors to go by? I want to avoid having to re-adjust volumes of the various layers (DIA, Foley, and SFX) when I put all the tracks together for ...
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Gigantic Foley/EFX sessions.

Hi team, A question for all you foley/location/EFX recordists out there... I recently spent an hour or two with a few balloons in my quiet room. Yes, microphones were involved... I recorded the ...
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