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FOLEY TECHNIQUE: How to do squirrel running on a tree?

I am out of my imagination. Maybe someone could help or have done this? How to do sound of a squirrel running on a tree branches? The shot is close.
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Foley - Simulate light wind through trees

After a physical (ie not digital) way to recreate the sounds of light wind through tree tops. Need the the ability to simulate with intermittence like in real life. Question for a foley artist....
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What's the most cost effective way to build a foley pit?

Hey guys I'm looking to start building a decent sized foley pit for my studio and would love to hear from anyone who has done this before. I know it's mostly just squared off blocks of wood with ...
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Thoughtful Foley

This weekend I went and brought my daughter to see Gnomeo & Juliet. It was a well done flick. The animation was great, lots of laughs for adults as well as kids and so on, great performances by ...
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Foley artist leather toolkit!

Good morning from Greece guys! I was surfing the internet today and i found something very interesting indeed! A toolkit created for foley artists dedicated for making the classic Swoosh, thud, bash, ...
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Technical question about Foley

This one is kind of a question that spawned from a project I'm working on and reading the last question on Foley. Here's a technical question for Foley Artists: How much do you, or a typical foley ...
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Best Budget Foley Field Recorder? £500 tops

Hey, I'm currently studying sound for film, tv and games and I'm looking for a field recorder to gather my own library of Foley sounds to pick and choose from. I don't have a huge budget which I ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Favourite Foley Props

What are your favourite foley props? The items that make the coolest sounds, or are just essential to get the sound right? Tripods for zimmer frames, fish slices for sword schwings - what prop do you ...
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Tiny footsteps/foley?

Recently I had to create sounds for tiny people, they were about as tall as a pencil. I couldn't figure out a good sound for footsteps so I used my fingers on bare wood (because they ran across a bar)...
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