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1 answer

People using descriptive words on high-fi flat audio

Now that I've gotten a little deeper into the world of pro audio, I often hear people claiming this speaker or this DAC, etc. is so high quality - it sounds [insert random descriptive words]. Then ...
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How do I read this frequency response chart?

I'm looking for a directional (off-axis rejection) microphone with flat frequency response. The Shure SM81 is the only such mic that I've been able to find online, however its frequency response chart ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Using EQ while mixing to compensate for frequency response of monitors/headphones

I've been wondering for a while whether it is possible to compensate for uneven frequency response in a pair of monitors or headphones. For example: I use the KRK Rokit 6's during my mixing as well ...
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2 votes
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How to use extra bass speakers and get flat response?

We use full range JBL speakers (37Hz-20kHz) but we have also 2 extra JBL subs (37Hz-150Hz). Currently we use a high pass filter set at 150Hz on full range speakers and the rest goes to the subs. How ...
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Are flat-eq monitors actually necessary?

I'd like to preface this question by recognizing that no system has a perfectly flat frequency response curve. I'm aware that this question and this one address a similar concern, but they don't ...
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2 answers

What´s exactly natural flat headphones

I need to know what exactly means natural flat. And where can I find natural flat headphones with the impedance of 40 ohms. (32 to 60).
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9 votes
13 answers

Would you rather use flat headphones for monitoring?

Hey guys, If you cannot afford nearfield monitors yet and will work only using headphones, would you rather look for flat ones or it doesn't matter much? I'm afraid of, let's say, buy a headphone ...
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