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Adobe Audition - disable XMP metadata files

I can't seem to find a way to disable the creation of XMP files when I edit a .flac file in Adobe Audition (Mac Os). If I hit Save as... I can uncheck the option for metadata. If I just ...
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Creating FLACs: maximizing sound levels

I want to experiment with FLAC to see if my aging ears can tell the difference between that and highest-quality MP3. I have been using AudioGrabber for mp3, which does its encoding via LAME. A ...
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Embedding Timestamp-Based Metadata in FLAC Files

I’m working on a project where I’ve generated an audio file. Now, I need to associate specific timestamps with text data within that file. I’m currently using FLAC, but I’m open to other lossless ...
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When converting mods to flacs, they are looped

Explaination of my problem: So i am maybe not straight forward sound designer but i thought of this StackExchange subsite as the most accurate place to ask my question. But what my problem is about? ...
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