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27 votes
50 answers

Films to Study for Excellence in Sound Design

Dear All, What films are good examples of Sound Design to study and take note of? I'm particularly looking for films which sound was used to forward the story with excellent results. Not just using ...
20 votes
47 answers

Best use of Silence in a film?

In my opinion some of the best film sound is not loud or overt, and I've used silence many times in film soundtracks myself but I am interested to know what your favorite use of silence or near-...
5 votes
8 answers

What makes a sound funny?

Title says all...
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16 votes
13 answers

How do you respond to requests to work for free?

We all get them; projects that have been shot with no budget or self funded, which have been cut on a friends Final Cut system in a spare room & suddenly they want to finish the film & need ...
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16 votes
15 answers

Films which blur the distinction between score and sound design?

Can you think of films where the distinction between score and sound design is creatively or accidentally undermined? In a lot of films the distinction is really clear: score is orchestral music, ...
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9 votes
10 answers

Backgrounds for a dead city?

Hi guys (my English is failing me big time today for some reason! so please forgive me and bear with me if possible) I just started working on a short (30 min) settled in a (present) post ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Sound Recording for Film

Recently I shot a short film but needed to do this film with NO budget. I was able to get a camera for free as well as someone to shoot it - Sound however became a problem. Very few sound guys are ...
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4 votes
6 answers

Best use of sound design in a comedy?

OK, we've covered "favorite sounds" and "best sound in a thiller", but what about comedies, where the sound effects usually cower in fear of dialog and music? And what is it about those moments that ...
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