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What is a good resource to learn dialogue mixing?

I am constantly making short films, and I want to improve my post-production audio, specifically dialogue mixing. I'm not sure if that's the correct term, so specifically, I want to learn how to ...
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Production Dialogue -- point at face or chest?

I teach audio in a film school, and when I was talking about proper production dialogue recording technique, a student said he had heard that the shotgun mic should be pointed toward the actor's chest ...
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Jump in Sound Design [duplicate]

My name is Riccardo i'm 23yo from Italy. I'm trying to abandon my work as sound engineer and jump in the world of Sound Design. Until now i've always passed lot of time working with Ableton Live on ...
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Should I go to Vancouver Film School for Sound Design for Visual Media? [closed]

Is it worth it? Especially if a third of tuition is covered under a scholarship?
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How many of you went to school for sound?

I was curious how many of you went to school (and where about if so) and how many of you picked up your craft in another way (how so?). Cheers!
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Advice for a beginner. (I know, I know..)

Sorry for another newbie thread, guys. I've read other threads with similar questions but couldn't seem to find exactly what I was looking for, so here goes: I've wanted to work in film post/sound ...
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Film school: Worth it or not?

I am considering a Masters in Film Production to supplement my B.S. in Audio Post and 13 years experience of audio post for mainly TV. My ambition is to expand my repertoire and become more ...
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Apprenticeship for Sound Designers?

Dear All, This might be a random question, but I want to ask it anyway: I never went to film school or any type of post production school. I've basically taught myself by: Watching enough movies to ...
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