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Books about the Sound Industry_ how it works

I'll finish my university in this year and i would write my thesis about Audio Post in Film, compare the industries between my country, other European country and America. So the very specialised ...
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Jack Of All Trades, Master of...Some?

I've spent my entire career here in Washington, DC. As some of you know, I'll be headed out to LA in January. With that on the horizon, workflow, the division of labor, & the responsibilities of ...
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Sound Librarian (The Job-Title, Not The Software)

What is the modern definition of a Sound Librarian? Do studios / houses still hire Sound Librarians, or have the responsibilities simply fallen to the sound effects editing team as a whole? In my ...
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What does the future hold?

Not exactly a sound design question but pretty relevant all the same, so here goes...Yesterday I was at a wedding here in France and quite a few of the guests were working in the sound department for ...
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