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Is there any easy and simple way to reduce the size of MP3 files?

I create mobile apps, and use lots of MP3 files in my mobile apps. But, I am not an audio engineer. Would anyone please tell me if there's any easy and simple way to reduce the size of MP3 files ? (In ...
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Methods for decreasing exported .wav file size

I am working on sound project using Audacity. Are there any methods for decreasing the exported .wav file size without damaging the sound quality? e.g. combining all track to a single one and then ...
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1 answer

Why did the size of my flac file increase after cropping?

I have a sound recording roughly 40 minutes long at 24bit 96khz. I've found that after trimming off about 40 seconds total of leading and trailing silence (well, quiet background hiss to be precise) ...
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ios game audio file size

Hey guys, I am in the process of making sounds for my first game. The project is for an iOS game app and given the 20mb size limit, my audio files have to be really small. As such I would like to ...
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2 answers

What file size for online Games?

Hi All I am new here and apologise if this has bee asked before, but I was wondering the following. How big would you have a music file in size? What MP3 settings would use to achieve this? What ...
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Space Saving Archive Format

I was in a debate with some game designers I work with about the best archiving format. What it inevitably came down to was a really dumb test, in which the results were futile in producing a winner ...
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Trouble Bouncing a Session :(

I have never had this issue before, but I recorded a session and now it is not letting me bounce it to the desktop or my external (where I normally bounce to). The error statement it gives me says ...
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