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Client asking for sound files

A client has recently asked me to send them each individual sound from the short I just worked on. They said it was just in case they have to change something later on. Is this normal protocol or ...
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Is there a way to preview the sample rate and channel info for audio files in windows 7?

I switched over to Windows 7 a month or two ago and was dismayed to find out that you can no longer view things like the sample rate and channel info (i.e. mono/stereo) in the explorer. In Windows XP, ...
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How to save entire project in Izotope RX 6

So I am doing a very large project with hundreds of files, and for a while, I thought that "Save RX Document As..." meant it would save all the currently open tabs. However, when I went back to one, ...
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What do you use to upload big files on? (For Slower Internet Connections)

I know a lot of people would want some recordings of the Muslim Prayers from a Mosque so I recorded one a couple of days ago, just so you know its not a super duper fantastical recording cause it was ...
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2 answers

Making stereo out of mono.

I got a small video to mix turned over to me where the ambiences were all mono (this was a quickie and the FX were cut by the picture editor). It may be quicker for me to find some stereo FX to place ...
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zoom h4n multi track recording

The zoom h4n is a brilliant set recorder! Now after I have recorded a session using all the channels (the xlr inputs and onboard mics) when I take the SD card or usb and put into in a computer will ...
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Normalizing many small WAV files?

I have a large collection of foleys that I recorded, and I want to normalize them all, or at least make them all have the same perceived loudness. Is there any program that can do this for me instead ...
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Where are Audacity effects chain files saved to on MacOS?

Trying to import an effects chain file from my Windows 10 system but can't find the effects chain files anywhere in the Audacity Package Contents here on MacOS High Sierra.
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Automatically splitting recording files

I'm looking for a software (Windows) that may record sound via line-in port in my sound card. The thing is my recordings are very long (long hours or even days) and I wish the software automatically ...
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Embedding Timestamp-Based Metadata in FLAC Files

I’m working on a project where I’ve generated an audio file. Now, I need to associate specific timestamps with text data within that file. I’m currently using FLAC, but I’m open to other lossless ...
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How to find difference between 2 versions of the same song (one longer than the other)?

I have two versions of the same song. One is longer than the other (9 minutes Vs 13.55 minutes). Since our program only allows 10 min max time, we have to use the shorter version. but the audio ...