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Need Help Playing Voice Memo

I recorded a voice memo that 13+ hours long. It will only play the first 4 seconds. Can anyone help me?
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What format are old headerless protools files?

I'm trying to convert the audio files from an old protools version where the files were headerless and lacked any other indicator of format.
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Change audio's frequency, but still sound similar

I have some WAV format audio files with a frequency of 48Khz and I want to load them into the program I'm making. The program however only accepts up to 44.1Khz (CD music quality) due to hardware ...
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What is the difference between changing mp3 file extension to .wav and using a converter instead?

What is the difference between changing mp3 file extension to .wav and using a converter instead. I am speaking in terms of end result. I thought mp3 and wav were actual different formats, but an ...
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Convert to AIFC with ima4 compression

A lot of audio programs, such as Audacity, support encoding files as AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format, developed by Apple Inc.). However, I need specifically an AIFF file that has been compressed ...
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Pitch shift select frequencies

I am trying to find a way to pitch shift frequencies in an audio file within a specified range down to a certain amount. For example, I could select 5khz to 10khz and shift them down X amount, but the ...
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Mapping audio wav files to midi piano roll keyboard

I know about sound fonts but this requires me to make a wave file for each midi piano roll key. Is there a way or program to just have one audio wav file and have the midi piano roll key that is ...
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Is it possible to import Ableton Live's sound libraries into Logic Pro?

I own both Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 9. I'm wondering if there is a way to use Live's sound packs/libraries in Logic. I have been using Logic since it was available for Windows; so a very long ...
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From mp3 to wav and back to mp3. What's the best method for loosing the less quality possible?

Supposing that you have to enhance and clean up an mp3 file. After the clean up you export the file in wav format and you import the file to a DAW to make a final mastering. Then you export the ...
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Preserve embedded album art when converting from .flac to .ogg

I want to convert my archived .flac library to .ogg for daily use. Using find ./ -iname '*.flac' -print0 | xargs -0 -n1 oggenc -q6 on the root music folder and then deleting every .flac (having ...
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Converting 24Bit/96kHz FLAC

I buy a lot of music in FLAC format and i usually import it into iTunes using 'Fluke' then convert it to Apple Lossless. My friend has ripped a vinyl for me at 24Bit/96kHz and FLAC encoded it. When i ...
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Open Source Software for Batch converting WAV to BWF for free?

Hi, Does anyone know an open source software package that can batch convert WAV-files to BWF? I can only find paid and non open source packages (rematacator for example). The project I'm working is ...
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How to deal with OMF/AAF on PC platforms

When I first started in film, I was coming from a music production angle and could pretty much work on any DAW I wanted, since nothing ever left the program. I was blissfully unaware of the problems ...
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