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Repair audio file without header

We recorded the audio of a rather long meeting of a couple of hours on a phone. Someone forgot to turn off sound recording at the end of the meeting, and the phone must have turned off due to low ...
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Reasonable compressor settings for radio and podcasts

I am moving from software engineering to audio production. I read a good deal about audio editing (mostly from and I want to produce audio for both radio at -24 LUFS and podcasts at -16 ...
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How to use a jack route as a single audio-filter with ffmpeg

I have configured Ardour and there, An audio track takes input from a Jack-Sink device Applies some effects by using some Aux-Send Outputs the final audio to Master which is a Jack-Client Now, I ...
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ffmpeg silenceremove on 2 track audio

Is there any way to use silenceremove on file with 2 audio tracks, to trim silence only when the silence is on both audio tracks? File info: .mp4 with 2 stereo audio tracks(aac) I've already tried ...
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Intelligent downmix of stereo to mono

Is there a technique for intelligently downmixing stereo to mono with FFmpeg or similar? As we know, a signal phased between the left and right channels can cancel each other out when mixed together. ...
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Aggressive low-pass filter in FFmpeg

I want FFmpeg to aggressively low-pass at 3 kHz. I want it to have a steep roll-off like the asupercut filter has, but that filter's lower limit is 20 kHz. I am currently using lowpass=f=3000 but its ...
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Reducing bit depth below 8 bits with ffmpeg

I want to limit the bit depth of PCM audio using ffmepg, but I want to limit it to a non-standard size (specifically to 4 bits). Of course it still has to fit pcm_u8 and that's fine. I tried this ...
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Record live audio aka Stereo Mix in WIndows 10 or 11 with ffmpeg - Windows WASAPI

Long story short it seems that StereoMix heavily used in past was a feature of the sound card and sound drivers, so... it's not possible to use it if it isn't present on the machine. C:\Users\user\...
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How can I convert from PCM to EVS audio file and decode back to PCM?

everybody. I have a problem with converting to 3GPP TS 26.442. If I want to convert from .48k to .192 file, how am I supposed to get original audio file? Do I have to convert from any audio file (eg. ...
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Can the ffmpeg `loudnorm` extension be used to guarantee a maximum volume in an audio file?

I'm looking at a way to ensure an audio file doesn't ever get too loud, but I do not want to change the samples if it is under a given threshold. For example, I would like the file to have a maximum ...
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How to create a sense of motion in stereo audio

I have a :15 mono audio file of a car driving by. What I would like to do is use that as the input to create a stereo audio file where the sound 'moves' from left speaker to right for better realism. ...
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