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3 answers

Edit Changes for a Feature-Length

Hey guys, so this is my first question on here ever. I was curious what some people's workflows are for dealing with an changing cut on a movie when you have already nearly completed the sound track. ...
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4 answers

Feature Lengths

Hey all, I'm about to start working on the dialog, and sound edit for my first feature length film. If the film is around 90 minutes I should ask for three different quicktime files (consisting of ...
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10 votes
17 answers

A trip down your DAW memory lane

This could lead to some very long posts, but here goes anyways... I got into a conversation with the guys at work about the old DAWs they used to use, what's changed, what they miss, and what's ...
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Is Pro Tools 8 worth it?

I'm still on Pro Tools 7. Is 8 worth the upgrade? What new features have you found in it that you can't imagine how you were able to do anything before without them?
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