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what were your best recordings of 2012?

2012 is in the books, so lets hear the best of the best you've done this year. My personal fav is something that I can't share freely (a recording of an actual operation in an OR), but in and around ...
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13 answers

Your favorite sound effect in film.

Hello! What are you favorite sound effects in film? 1. best sci-fi effect 2. best organic effect.
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4 answers

Best Horror Film Visual+Sound Combination?

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween. Ok, I had to ask, it being Halloween and all, What's your favorite Horror Film Visual+Sound combination? I know it's probably been asked before on ...
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What are some of your favorite voice effects?

I'm collecting all kinds of voice effects to add to my arsenal. My absolute favorite is Worldizing a voice in a room by playing it back 4X real-time and recording it 4X real-time so when it gets ...
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What is your favorite EQ?

I know this question is pretty all encompassing and probably can't be answered, but: What are your favorite EQs? and: Do you have different favorites for different applications? Me, I like the ...
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