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Is there a software that allows replaying pre-saved fader positions?

I'm designing an upgrade to an existing sound system, with the goal of simplicity for the operator. I've got a strong computer background, and a modest (mainly car) audio background. I've done some ...
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How to make a exponential fade that doesn't start from 0 db

How can I achieve a exponential fade that doesn't start from 0 db in pro tools? the curve should look something like this
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Pro tools 10 crossfade shortcut

When I use this shortcut - Ctrl+Start+F (uses last selected fade shape) it actually always does the normal crossfade instead of the last used crossfade (the one with steep curves). Is that a bug or is ...
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Fading Out Best Practices

I make presentation software, and we have the ability to export that presentation to a video. Lately, we're trying to add the ability to choose a soundtrack to attach to that exported video. We want ...
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difference between pre and post fade

Why is a pre fade aux used for monitoring and a post fade aux for effects?
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USB DAW Fader controller

Has anyone had experience with the Presonus Faderport or Frontier Design AlphaTrack?
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