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External Synths over USB on MacOS: Notes not playing & hanging notes

For some months I've had problems with USB MIDI with the Babyface Pro and two of my DSI/Sequential synths: OB-6 Module and Prophet-6 Module. I primarily use MacOS with Ableton Live, but I experience ...
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Mini Synth via external soundcard

I recently bought a Korg Monotron Duo. To record with my laptop that lacks an internal mic I also accquired an external USB soundcard with one mic and two headphone jacks (rather cheap device). The ...
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mono audio channels

I'm editing a film and have been given external audio, recorded using a sounddev 633 I believe. The external audio files have 5 mono tracks when I open them in Avid, some files have just 4 mono ...
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Can my SONY ICD-UX533 be used as an external microphone to improve my GoPro sound quality?

I'm trying to devise a solution for recording better audio for my GoPro Hero4 Silver, using an external mic. Before going out and blowing my money on new hardware that I might not need, I am hoping to ...
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Tascam DR 05, recording with both external and internal mics

I have recently bought a Tascam - DR-05, and two Lavaliers. I have read the manual of the Tascam - DR-05, and I have also browsed on the internet, but I can not figure out if I can record both the ...
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Cheap interface and speaker

I have iMac and I am looking to buy some cheap 5.1 or 7.1 external audio card and set of speakers for my home. I don't need anything hi-level because most of my work I do in studio. (source: m-audio....
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External noise in field recordings.

So I'm finally wrapping up the Doors project (I know. I procrastinated. I apologize - I'm really busy, though! That's my excuse!). I couldn't help but notice while being out field recording: THERE IS ...
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