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2 answers

Advice on gunshot sfx arrangement

Please forgive me if this question seems a little bit weird. I'm mixing a feature which has a tunnel scene where police and bad guys are shooting each other. The director added many CGI gun fire on ...
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What do you feel stands out strongly in a CV without industry experience?

I've recently graduated from University and i'm making those first few steps into the industry and as yet, i have no industry experience. I'm in the process of writing my CV and putting it alongside ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Jack Of All Trades, Master of...Some?

I've spent my entire career here in Washington, DC. As some of you know, I'll be headed out to LA in January. With that on the horizon, workflow, the division of labor, & the responsibilities of ...
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How to find work for game audio?

Hi all, How do you find work for game audio? Any tips appreciated!
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a day or two without sight

I'm considering going a day or two with no sight (just wearing a blindfold). Not as some kind of artistic statement or anything, just to experience it. I'd like to really force my ears to tune in to ...
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3 answers

Before taking on a project, what to consider?

If someone asks you to work for them, should you ask to see the picture first if it's available?
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3 votes
2 answers

Monitoring and frequency response in the studio vs. sound stage

Dear all As you know, the sound stages have a precise and standardized reference level and frequency response (x-curve, physical dimension, delay, type of speakers, etc). In your editing studio, ...
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2 answers

MA in Film vs. working on my own. I'd like to have your input!

Hi everybody, Just another thread on orientation. But every single one is person-specific, isn't it? I just got an email from my uni saying they had a new course starting in September, an MA in Film. ...
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2 answers

If I do volunteer work unrelated to sound design, will that hurt my job prospects?

After college, I really want to join a yearlong volunteer program called Americorps National Civilian Community Corps, or NCCC. It's a full time program, and I won't be able to complete any ...
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8 answers

Neumann KMR 81i

Does anyone have any experience with the KMR81i? I know it's mainly a dialogue short-shotgun, but do you use it for any other application? Foley? In combination for a M/S? Ambience?
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Is what we hear as important as what we see in contemporary media experience?

This might not be the right place to get an objective answer to this question, as I assume most of us value sound higher than the average person, but could we even say sound is just as important as ...
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