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Which kind of dynamics processor is this (inverse expander, reverse compressor)?

You set a threshold at a certain level, specify a ratio of 4:1 and then for every 4 dB below the threshold, the output signal is boosted by 1 dB. Which tool/technique can be used to achieve this? ...
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Does using a gate(expander) increase the dynamic range of an audio track and does this actually help improve the mix of the track?

I read somewhere that using an expander such as a gate increases the dynamic range of an audio signal. Does increasing the dynamic range of a song actually help the mix of the track at all while ...
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5 answers

Unveil, what are your experiences?

I am thinking about purchasing Unveil (de-reverberation and signal focusing plugin), is anyone using it and if you are, how successful is it? I mostly use RX2 and expansion techniques when I am ...
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4 votes
6 answers

Using a expander for noise reduction, Yes or No

When I found out that I had gone through a 20 min short dialogue editing using an expander instead of a gate, I immediately went back and switched it all to gate and went back through the project. ...
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When you are mixing with a downward expansion

When you are mixing with downward expansion and the downward expander creates holes during the fades at the ends of dialogue regions, what do you do?
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