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1 vote
6 answers

Looking for a high quality (UK) summer ambience

I hope people don't mind me posting a request, say so if you do. But I think that exchanging sounds is part of being in a community :-) Anyway, I'm stuck in South Africa and in winter, but for a ...
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1 vote
1 answer

REQUEST: Children laughing/singing/babbling

Hey, Would anybody here happen to have recordings of children babbling/laughing/chatting away? More specifically aged between 4 and 12? Will swap sounds you send me for recordings of a football game ...
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1 answer

A voice changer app for saving security instead of non liberal governments at online calling

I need to save me or other security some times for two usages (because of some political restrictions and problems via non liberal governments from religious parties or...): when I record the podcast ...
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