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Looking for sound evaluation parameters

I have a collection of live recordings of very varying sound quality. I have graded them in a first pass (along with tagging them) but I'm afraid that evaluation was rather inconsistent. The grades ...
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Both sound good - how to pick?

We've added a Rode NTG3 to our Sennheiser ew100G3 to capture voice in video interviews. The both XLR into an H6. Previously the setup was H6 with the X/Y attachment + the ew100G3. Both recordings (...
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Experienced sound designer needed for evaluating uni project

Hello everyone, I am looking for an experienced sound designer for helping me in evaluating my final uni project. It would take no more than one hour to meet up on Skype and talk about the sound I ...
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Radio Drama Evaluation

Hey guys, I am needing one of you to evaluate my first effort of a radio drama I produced for my honours project. All it will require is for you to listen to it, take notes during listening, and ...
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Microphone Evaluation Sessions

I'm preparing for a mic shootout at a local store as I consider which one to buy. Besides bringing one reference mic of my own and my own recorder, I'm also planning on preparing a few spoken phrases ...
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Evaluation of sound designs.

How do you currently evaluate your sound designs? We all receive comments (verbal and written) from our colleagues (Supervising sound editor, Re-recording engineer, Director etc.), but does anyone ...
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