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Why can I not record ambisonics in Unity with Google Resonance?

I've set up Unity (2018.4.0f1 LTS) with the Google Resonance project and I'm attempting to record an ambisonic environment with the Resonance Audio Listener component - however on hitting Record, ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Combining two clicky copies of the same record into one good recording

I have two copies of a Belgian 45 RPM single that are both rather clicky even after being washed. The pops occur throughout, stochastically, but occupy a small fraction of the overall time, such that ...
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2 answers

Izotope RX and Pro Tools : Audio Device Error

When I try to use standalone Izotope Rx with Pro Tools 10 with "connect" I get this error message: The selected audio device cannot be opened. Please make sure it's not in use by another ...
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2 votes
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Different Pro Tools errors - and what do they actually mean?

I´ve recently encountered many different kind of Pro Tools errors and it really annoys me that the error messages themselves don´t give a whole lot of information what´s wrong in Pro Tools. It would ...
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4 answers

Pro Tools Error..

Hey. I am new to Pro Tools. I recently installed PT10. I am running it on a 13.3 inch MBP, 2.9GHz 750GB hard drive and 8 gigs of RAM. I just started mixing dialog for a short 2 min video clip. But for ...
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2 answers

Protools DAE 9126 error.

A friend of mine just had a situation whereby she saved her Protools project last night and when she came to opening the project this morning she was unable to due to a Protools DAE9126 error. Can ...
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