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New Product: LEAP

I was going to post this as an answer to any of the multiple ergonomics-based questions, but I'll just add to the pile. Have you seen this yet? [youtube]_d6KuiuteIA[/youtube] Your Minority Report ...
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best mac keyboard for sound editing

so as we upgrade our studios in the coming months I'll be looking to upgrade the one piece of gear that I come into contact with more than any other - my keyboard. as such, here are my specific needs:...
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Do you work with the lights dimmed?

A mixer I apprenticed under once told me "I don't like feeling like I work at a 7-11. Turn the lights down". That was his way of saying he likes to work with the lights dimmed to almost off while ...
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Sound Design Input Devices

I've been long wanting a tablet to use as an input device (drawing in automation, etc...), and I'd love to have a Jazz Mutant control surface, and lots of other stuff. But I just came across this: ...
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