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Who makes the quietest microphone?!

We're preparing to do an interior foley-type recording session that requires extremely low self-noise microphones. Schoeps? DPA? Earthworks? Your opinions are appreciated!
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Would you rather use flat headphones for monitoring?

Hey guys, If you cannot afford nearfield monitors yet and will work only using headphones, would you rather look for flat ones or it doesn't matter much? I'm afraid of, let's say, buy a headphone ...
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On the hunt for a new pair of ears

Hey. I'm looking for a new pair of lightweight and compact (ideally closed back) headphones for field recording as my DT100s are a little bulky and I'm not happy with the quality with any other pair ...
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3 answers

In-line Pad Recommendation

I'm looking to get an in-line pad to have part of my gear, no specific needs. My main mic I would be using it with is the MKH 418s. I have a few questions: Does a cheaper pad add much noise to the ...
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Recommendations on hardware and software

Hi Thanks for another great forum. Really appreciate it! When delivering sfx for sound fx library companies like Sound-ideas, and Hollywood edge, and not being able to bring the material to a real ...
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Tripods/Grips for Handheld Recorders

Does anyone have some suggestions for a small and portable tripod or grip for a basic handheld field recorder with tripod mount? I'm mainly looking for something that will help reduce handling noise.....
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9 answers

Closed headphones, closed, the best for like $ 175 max, which ones?

CLOSED headphones you would use when for example micing a voice.
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1-bit recording?

24-bit 48kHz is the norm in film post-production here in LA, with new recordings and foley coming in at 96k or 192k. I'm recording at 96k most of the time and occasionally work with 192k samples when ...
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RØDE wishlist - What would you recommend?

I must put together a wishlist of RØDE equipment (I can't yet say why). I'm okay on the accessories side, it's the mic choices my main concern. My priority is to have a descent kit to record sound ...
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Budget not large, really need to get an on location sound kit together for a possible job!

Hello everyone. My budget isn't large and I'm looking to get together a little on location sound get together quickly for a possible job that is coming up. Now, as usual with me, I jump before I can ...
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As a sound designer, do you buy 'audiophile' equipment for home use?

I'm interested in finding out the 'professional view' on audiophile equipment. Based on your professional experience, would you spend hundreds on an HDMI lead, thousands on an amp etc?
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