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How Do I Reduce Noise Floor in a Booth With No EQ

I need to submit a raw recording to an audio engineer with no editing for a demo. The noise floor of my recording must be at least -40 RMS. When I do not speak, the RMS is at -60 but when I do speak, ...
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Should I sell this awesome equipment?

I bet any music-lover / audiophiile knows this one. You own or find or get a great piece of audio equipment, be it speakers, a huge old tube amp, old mixing desk, vintage headphones, etc. for which ...
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Audacity Recording volume too low

I've been using an AT2020 USB directly into my 2015 macbook Pro retina and recording in Audacity. I recently wanted to upgrade to a nicer mic. Every mic I try, the volume is super low. Increasing the ...
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ZoomH4n - Some kind of an answer

After recording again and being puzzled again by the levels on my Zoom H4n, I googled a bit and found this awesome handheld recorder shootout: "Noise floor of the on-board mics and mic-inputs - ...
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