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2 answers

Reading emotions from a song

first of all, I really hope I'm in the right place, secondly, I know this is a difficult topic and many have tried figuring it out but can't find anything specific yet, so, here it goes: From what I ...
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Sound conveying emotions: what about surprise?

Hello everyone! On the context of an application I am working on for my Master's program on Sound Design, in which my role with a classmate was to compose / sound design small samples that convey ...
6 votes
3 answers

Illiciting Negative Emotional Responses in Listeners

One man's sonata is another man's noise. But I was reading an article today titled The Worst Noises in the World which reported on a recent neuroscience study investigating the interaction between the ...
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8 answers

How to condition the audience for crying?

Good day, I'm fairly new to the sound design world and to this website so much help will be greatly appreciated. I was recently given the opportunity to score the music and design the soundscape for a ...
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22 answers

Tension sounds like…

What does tension sound like? Tension, in the case, meaning the feeling that if you don't complete your task in time, you will fail or be attacked. You have :05 to sell it. (This is one of those ...
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Abstract Design

Having been set a task of creating mood specific sounds relating to emotional impulses and responses (I'm currently working on a project requiring a sound for love, among other feelings), I was ...
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7 answers

Implying gracefulness

I'm looking for ideas or existing examples of sound designing grace and elegance in motion. Exacting, fluid movements that can also be sharp and deadly. Without giving too much away (NDAs and all) the ...
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2 votes
5 answers

tricks to generate emotions through soundscapes

Of cause, one of the main tasks of sounddesign is to create subconscious emotional conditions at the listener. For example the sounddesign of the movie >silence of the lambs<. May you remind of the ...
4 votes
6 answers

Best use of sound design in a comedy?

OK, we've covered "favorite sounds" and "best sound in a thiller", but what about comedies, where the sound effects usually cower in fear of dialog and music? And what is it about those moments that ...
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4 answers

Making your track "sparkle"

Have you been in this situation? You spend days (and possibly weeks) creating your sound design masterpiece but find that it lacks that certain…something. It's hard to put your finger on it. The best ...
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4 answers

Emotional sound

I just want to share this experience I had yesterday and hear others' stories. I got asked to do a short film yesterday. It was shot on DSLR and looks lovely. There's no dialogue and concerns a ...
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