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TB-03: sync issue (on Live 9)

Well, I have a TB-03 synced through Ableton. When I press "play" for the first time after opening a project, the TB-03 is correctly synced with the rest of the song, everything works perfectly...until ...
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The Other People Place bass sound

I've spent too many time trying to reproduce this kind of smooth and deep bass sound from "It's Your Love" and "Moonlight Rendezvous" from The Other People Place (aka Drexciya...if I'm not making a ...
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The absolutely simplest music production software for a complete beginner

I am not asking this question for myself, since I am already well seasoned with Logic and Cubase, but for my significant other. My girlfriend is interested in making some music, just for her own ...
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Recording MIDI from electronic drums

I am trying to record a MIDI track using my electronic drums D-Tronic Q2 Plus. The only output the drum model has is USB output. So I tried to connect my drums with my PC via USB-USB cable. I also ...
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Electronic Music Production Help [closed]

hope you;re all doing well out there. For a very long time I've wanted to be an electronic musician. You know, making my own music, posting them, touring, helping people etc. I list to a lot of ...
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Making electronic sounds organic

I'm working on the sound design for an abstract 3D animation, and I'm trying to go for the same style as this: I love the blend between organic and ...
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Electronic Sounds, interface bips

I've just watch Ghost In The Shell and a question poped in my head. How do sound designers usually create electronic sounds from scratch. I mean the classic sounds we can hear in movies associated ...
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