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How does Reaper interpret timecode?

I'm trying to export audio out of Reaper but the timecode I see inside vs outside of the application are different. I have a tool that can align audio to video automatically using timecode but the ...
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Fastest way to manual sync Audio rushes in Pro Tools 10 *** without EDLs***?

Any help or advice you could give me would be genuinely appreciated. I'm editing sound for a low budget feature film and I've been given a picture edit in 5 reels with AAFs. I'm in the process of ...
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Reading an EDL. Is it screwed up? A very murky story.

Al-righty so film is past deadline. Editor screwed up giving me a proper .OMF and .MV4 file. Producer says I'm the guy who's at fault. Besides giving him the proverbial finger (American) I've got ...
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Pro Tools Auto Conform

Hi all. Is there anyway I can conform dialogue from poly BWFs into Pro Tools using EDL? Auto conform was a wonderful procedure. I am not sure why non of the popular digital editors do it. There must ...
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Working with an EDL, what?

So this is my first time working with an EDL. I was wondering how exactly you can import it into Pro Tools (can you?) and if not, how do you get the thing to do what you want so it does the thing ...
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Some questions about reconforming to new picture edits

I have been searching around looking for some basic information on re conforming to new picture edits. I have come across the write ups on specific auto conform programs which unfortunately do not ...
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