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Two voices, want to get rid of the 2nd

I have a sound clip from the 80s, where someone is chanting and suddenly, someone else gets into a horrible accident. Apparently, the clip has already been edited, but its a tough, surprising, ...
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Extend periods of silence in mp3 files

I have a bunch of mp3 files containing lots (about 300 per file) of small (0.5s to 3s long) snippets of audio separated by 1s of silence. I want to edit these mp3 files (preferably losslessly) so ...
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pro tools midi controller vertical edit window scrolling

I know this could be very strange, but i'd like to assign a fader to my midi controller to scroll vertically my edit window. Any ideas?
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FMOD real time audio implementation

Greetings ! I'm junior sound designer and this is my first game project. I created sound events in FMOD. I need to edit sounds (SFX-s) using FMOD in order to have changes in real-time on the game (...
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Foley Editing for the mix

This is especially geared towards anybody who has done a lot of work on films with an M&E requirement, but really everyone in general. When editing Foley, do you tend to cut things very tight, or ...
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How do you make your spot SFX fit in the mix? (Honks, construction, birdies)

When you are SFX editing placing effect like cars, horns, construction, birds, etc... Say you have all of these recorded you've got them in a pallet of sorts and they are from different places. Some ...
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amp for a viewing room

Hi guys I'm starting work at a film production company and they asked me to source an amp for playback in the edit suite for playback of the project to the director, producers and investors. Which ...
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