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9 answers

Who uses earphones in the professional arena of music and film?

I was wondering how many of you use those earphones (like the Sennheiser IE 4's) when recording, editing or even DJing? Compared to normal headphones like the MDR 7506, HD202 etc, what are the pro's ...
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3 answers

earphones are harmful?

my old earphone destroyed, and had rushed to the store before i buy a new one, I thought about that, would not be damaging to my hearing? so the Q is, the earphones damage your hearing, its harmful? ...
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1 answer

Research question 6.5mm jacks connecting to macbook pro headphones

I have a problem with my hardware for an experiment I am preparing to run. I have bought a pair of research grade etymotic earphones for circa £500. They end up in two 6.5mm jacks. I need to plug them ...
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1 vote
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Earphones: Can we use earphones and some other devices for professional sound editing?

I am here to ask some technical questions about differences between some audio devices and about them point by point. I am a beginner or nerd in audio devices and sound editing. Why professionals do ...
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Redirect sound from one earpiece into both earpieces of a earphone

I have a fully functioning earphone, which I plug into my computer running windows 10. The audio that I am listening to has a clean sound in the left earpiece, and a noisy sound in the right one. (...
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What are the options available in Bluetooth earphones with display and multipoint connectivity

I am looking for Bluetooth earphones which: Allows pairing with at least 3 devices (I know only 2 devices can be connected at a time) Preferably has LCD display to see numbers/names being called and ...
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